WooCommerce Filter Plugin: Filter by Category, Price, and More

Present your clients with the premier search and filter interaction for online retail using our WooCommerce search and filter plugins. Unlike other plugins such as YITH, our plugin strategically renders only what is required each time a filter is activated, thereby drastically reducing the time it takes to present the results.

Our WooCommerce filter plugin offers features such as filtering by category and by attribute, which will enhance your customers’ shopping experience. In addition, our WooCommerce price filter helps your customers streamline their search according to their budget. This optimal performance ensures an efficient and user-friendly e-commerce experience.


SpeedSearch’s unique positioning

SpeedSearch is the only solution on the market that stands between a classic plugin and server-backed search engines. 

Due to the usage of a server appliance, it compares to the search engines out there, scoring high in the conversion rate potential. While the performance of SpeedSearch competes with market leaders, the price point and ease of setup make it accessible to any business.

See SpeedSearch in action with some of the most popular WooCommerce themes!

WooCommerce products filter features

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Woocommerce filter plugin features

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